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Multispan Roof Vented

Looking for a cost effective commercial greenhouse solution? A Croft Structures multi-span greenhouse offers your horticultural operations the space, flexibility and roof options to get the job done.

With variable wall heights, span width, vent locations and orientation we have the knowledge and ability to design, manufacture and install your ideal structure.

Our designs range from simple crop covers to fully enclosed greenhouse structures that are perfect for all crops. All our structures are made from fully galvanised steel with single or twin skin inflated polythene to provide extra insulation, reduce condensation and maximise stability of the growing environment.

Our Ventmaster model is a tall airy multipspan structure with continuous roof venting. Where as our Super Ventmaster model has a gothic shaped roof line to maximimise light and efficient condensation runoff.

Plus, they’re big. Providing plenty of atmosphere above the crop and plenty of room for equipment access for tractors, you can get a Croft Structures multi-span greenhouse big enough to accommodate these needs.

Your Croft Structure multi-span greenhouse can also be engineered to include advanced ventilation, climate control, and water management systems, plus our designs are flexible enough to allow for future modifications, additions and improvements.

Choose from Croft Structures extensive range, or work with our team to design one to your needs and remember we’re happy to project manage and work with your nominated subcontractors through the build for a smooth, hassle-free build process. Engineered to Terrain Category 2 Wind regulations, our greenhouse structures are built to last!

The “Ventmaster” is a tall airy multi-span greenhouse with continuous roof venting. The rack and pinion operated vents can be opened manually or automatically allowing excellent ventilation, particularly for dense foliage hydroponic crops. The “Ventmaster” utilises twin skin inflated polythene which provides extra insulation, reduces condensation and maximises stability of the greenhouses.

The 3.3m or 4m high walls, 6.4m wide spans, post spacing 4m apart to enable efficient crop layout.

The galvanised steel frame is robust enough to support a heavy crop, irrigation booms or thermal screens. The “Ventmaster” multi-span greenhouse is built to Terrain Category 2 wind loads. The “Ventmaster” system is easily containerised for shipment to any destination. Croft can supply building crews or supervision to enable quick & efficient construction of your greenhouse.

Features Specifications
Continuous roof venting Span: 6.4m
Rack and pinion operated Post spacing: 4m
Computer controlled for temperature, humidity, wind speed and wind direction Wall height: 3.3m or 4m
Single- or twin-skin polythene 180um covers Overall height: 4.8m or 5.5m
Heavy duty gutters
Built to terrain category 2 wind loadings

The “Super-Ventmaster” is the latest release from Croft. This 9.6m span greenhouse has a gothic shaped roof line which not only maximises light, but allows efficient run-off condensation.

The Super-Ventmaster” multi-span greenhouse is top vented with both a wall height and post spacing of 4m and an overall height of 7m, which provides plenty of atmosphere above the crop.

The Super-Ventmaster multi-span greenhouses is ideal for hydroponic installations as the structure confirms to a Terrain Category 2, which is robust enough to support a full crop, incorporating a hanging gutter system.

The twin rack and pinion roof vents supply adequate ventilation providing an excellent multi-span greenhouse growing environment for all crops.

Features Specifications
Wide-span allows for improved crop layout Span: 9.6m
Twin vents maximise air movement Post spacing: 4m
Increased height, provides greater ‘atmosphere’ over crop Wall height: 3.3m or 4m
Single- or twin-skin polythene Overall height: approximately 7m
Internal structure allows for easy installation of thermal or shade screens
Structure will support heavy crops and hanging gutters
Side vents manual or automatic if required

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