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As you’ve come to expect with Croft structures, flexibility is the key. That’s why your next Croft Structure can be tailored to your exact specifications.

We have a full range of wall and door systems to make your dome roof structure so much more flexible.

Our wall systems offer a partial or full end wall providing protection from the elements and more privacy.

Our full end walls come in two options with either base plates for attaching to concrete flooring or piers for concreting directly into the ground making our full wall solutions super strong with no fabric flap.

Our half end walls can be attached to a shipping container located at the rear or with a self supporting truss. Our end walls are not only incredibly durable but they can be added to our existing dome roof structures or on any ground base. Our range of mounting options means you get dependable quality without compromise. 

If it’s doors your wanting to add that extra privacy, then we can do that too. 

We offer a range of door options. From motorised and manual roller-doors, to twin sliding doors made of steel and fabric, they’re all designed to ensure that you get the best solution for your investment.

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