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When it comes to crop covers, Croft Structures means business. From smaller size areas for interim plant protection that cover 500 square meters up to a massive 20,000 square meters in size we have the solution for you.

Our crop covers solutions are strong and flexible too, with your choice of a flat or domed shape roof with shade cloth or polythene covers, and handy screens available for the warmer months to reduce unwanted light and UV penetration

We also offer a range of continuous dome shaped tunnel crop covers in either 6.4 or 10-meter widths.

Croft Structures crop cover structures have an average manufacture lead time of around 3 to 4 weeks if you’d like to assemble it yourself. Or depending on the size and weather conditions we can manufacture and install in around 6 weeks so all you have to do is move the plants in!

They’re easy to maintain, and if you need a repair we can provide repair kits or handle the repair for you. But most importantly, all of our crop covers are designed, manufactured and built to your exact specifications.

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