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Australia’s Best Shipping and Dome Container Shelters for Sale

A container shelter is the ideal way to store large objects like vehicles of all shapes and sizes, industrial equipment, and bulky machinery, as well as protect them from the elements. Our dome-shaped igloo containers will handle Australia’s extreme weather easily, shielding your assets from the sun’s intense heat, severe cold, heavy rain, and strong winds.

The crew at Croft Structures are more than just a team – we’re a family. We’ve been designing, manufacturing, and constructing container shelters of all shapes and sizes (domes, igloos, shipping containers, etc.) across Australia for over 30 years. Our experience, attention to detail and total project management service make us a versatile business partner. Whether you need to store farming vehicles after the harvest or protect expensive construction equipment from harsh conditions, Croft Structures has got the perfect dome shelters, shipping containers and container roof covers for sale to take care of your needs.

Dome and igloo shelters, shipping containers, roof covers and more!

Croft Structures carries a wide array of products for a variety of applications. We offer a range of sizes for commercial or personal use as well as different materials to suit different situations. Our team of fully licenced professionals can provide the complete engineering services solution with design drawings, manufacturing, and building your custom container shelters.

Find the right container shelters and covers for sale at Croft Structures

Our products can be used in a huge variety of industries such as recreational events, utilities, and mining.

If you’re interested in purchasing one or more of the shipping containers, dome container shelters, or roof covers we have for sale, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff. We service all states of Australia and are always happy to help you with a complete solution. Call us on 1300 096 461 or visit our online contact page today!