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Making sure your investment is protected is at the core of every business particularly for large valuable assets like trucks, helicopters and light aeroplanes.

So when it comes to a storage for undercover shelter solution like an aircraft hanger or commercial garage, we have an engineered dome roof Croft Structure kit in the right size to house anything from a plane to a car, bus, helicopter, truck and more.

Choose a Croft Structure that offers protection from the elements with side or end walls. Or for for added security, incorporate lockable doors, gates for extra piece of mind. Why not include a workshop into your plans? We manufacture our Container Shelters up to 30 meters in width, so there’s always plenty of room.

Our designs can be tailored to your exact requirements, plus you’ll feel confident with your next Croft Structure, knowing your assets are safe in an approved, wind resistant engineered design that’s built to last.