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Quality 2nd Hand Shipping Containers for Sale

For the ultimate in building and site office flexibility, look no further than a Croft Structures shipping container.

The 2nd hand shipping containers we have for sale are the ultimate option when it comes to real value for money. We look for quality boxes not the cheap and nasty.  We aim for watertight, structurally sound solutions and can be personalised and modified to your specifications. From painted inside and out, installed with windows and security locks to roller doors or other custom modifications, a Croft Structures shipping container will complete your site solution.

But not only that, we can incorporate shipping container setups that include a Croft Structures dome roof shelter, allowing your worksite to combine office and work spaces with protection from the elements at a fraction of the cost.  

The uses of the 2nd hand shipping containers we have for sale

The humble shipping container has many uses outside of a port or shipyard. It can function in:

  • The home (e.g. it could serve as a sturdy makeshift shed or pool)
  • The workplace (e.g. it could act as a weatherproof office or pop-up shop, bar or café)
  • The wider community (e.g. it could become refurbished playground equipment, a bridge, or be upcycled into furniture for public use)

A shipping container won’t rot or develop mould like some other materials can and doesn’t require assembly or maintenance. Choose from general or high cube 20 or 40 foot long containers, or use our fittings to combine multiple containers to create a combination that suits you!

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If you think a shipping container could be just what you’re looking for, let us take care of the full solution for you. And remember, delivery via sideloader and placement into position can be arranged Australia wide. Get in touch with one of our friendly staff members today via our online contact page or by giving us a call on 1300 096 461!

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