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Large Commercial and Small Tunnel Polythene Greenhouses for Sale

Greenhouses are useful structures that improve and shield your flowers, fruit and vegetable crops, and other prized plants from the potentially harsh forces of nature. Growing seasons can be extended and even improved when your plants don’t have to deal with extreme weather, external physical damage, or pests.

Give your operation the benefit of 35 years design and build experience with Croft Structures’ polythene greenhouses. We have the knowledge, manufacturing experience and high quality of customer service across our team to partner with you.

From large greenhouses for commercial sales applications to small structures for the medium sized home gardener or grower, we have greenhouses for sale to suit your needs.

Starting at 6.1m wide by 6m long they’re built to last from galvanised steel and designed to efficiently maintain and control an optimum growing climate to suit your needs.

With variable wall heights, span width, vent locations and orientation we have the knowledge and ability to design, manufacture and install your ideal structure.

Our crop cover solutions are flexible, with your choice of flat or domed shape roof structure with shade cloth or polythene covers, and handy screens options available.

Our personal and commercial greenhouse Products & Services – Australia

At Croft Structures, we use super tough galvanised steel to manufacture our Greenhouses. Clad with Polythene fabric to provide climate control and let in light whilst still protecting what’s inside – because that’s what counts.

Our single and double skin design houses are perfect for not only the horticulture industry but can be adapted to suit aquaculture operations too. Our fully licenced team can design and build everything from open and airy roof solutions to provide aerial cover for garden bed crops, to full-bodied tunnel greenhouses with ceiling ventilation to provide maximum control over your plants’ ideal growing climate.

Our polythene greenhouses have variable wall heights, span widths, and vent locations, so we can design and build the perfect custom structure for you. Whether you’re new to the trade or starting up a commercial nursery, we’ve got both large and small polythene greenhouses that are sure to accommodate you and your plants’ needs.

Find the best polythene greenhouses for sale with Croft Structures

Interested in our greenhouses for sale? Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your ideal design and specific measurements. We’ll take care of you every step of the way, including organising delivery and setup Australia-wide. Call us on 1300 096 461 or visit our online contact page today!